Senior Technical Writer / Business Analyst

This vacancy is only for Ukrainian residents within Ukraine.

We are seeking an experienced Technical Writer/Business Analyst to create technical documentation for other software engineers, who are end-users of our solutions and tools. This is a role that for the last few years was distributed ‘ad-hoc’ between technical leads. You have an opportunity to elevate our process and internal standards.


  • Manage extensive engineering documentation for mission-critical projects
  • Elevate documentation quality to meet growing demands for complex solutions
  • Develop documentation for our products
  • Collaborate on enhancing technical content for our website.


  • 5+ years of experience in technical writing
  • Flawless English. As our dedicated technical writer, your proficiency sets the standard
  • Excellent Ukrainian Skills. Yes, some pieces of documentation we write in Ukrainian
  • Engineering Background. We believe that it’s a great base that helps to write good documentation
  • Specialized knowledge in one or more areas such as: embedded systems, automotive, manufacturing, SCADA, information security, UAVs and other autonomous systems.

Nice to have:

  • Engineering Experience: Ideally, you've held at least one engineering position in the past (QA experience is also acceptable)
  • Familiarity with standards like DSTU.

Hiring Process:

Our hiring process initiates with a test task as the first stage. For those interested in project-based collaboration, we offer the flexibility to skip the technical interview. The decision will be made after reviewing the test task and conducting an introduction call.

What’s in it for you?

  • Competitive compensation
  • Hybrid work model: this position allows for a combination of in-office and remote work as needed
  • Paid vacation — 21 business days per year
  • Paid sick leaves
  • Combining technologies: cryptography, software engineering, information security
  • Conferences, books, courses if needed.

Our software is well-known amongst security-aware teams around the world and popular for easily solving complicated security challenges. Apart from building “off-the-shelf” solutions, we design custom security controls for novel problems and handle mission-critical, multi-app, multi-platform distributed systems, addressing serious issues in the world around us. We work in the B2B space, with customers such as power grid operators, payment processors, legal companies, and million-user customer applications. We cater to young ambitious startups and well-established enterprises, that use our software and solutions as a core part of their security arsenal. If you are interested in working on mission-critical projects with high social and real-world impact, this role might be suitable for you.

Короткий опис (2-3 речення): Cossack Labs is seeking an experienced Technical Writer to create technical documentation for other software engineers, who are end-users of our solutions and tools.
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Початківець (Junior)
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Старший (Senior)
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Дата публікації: бер. 14, 2024

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