Digital Marketing Manager

What is interesting about cooperation with us:

— You will have the opportunity to implement initiatives and build processes.
— We promise interesting and difficult tasks.
— We offer an educational environment and opportunities for professional growth.
— We work as a team: together we discuss problems and look for solutions.
— No micromanagement.

Required skills and experience:

— 3+ years of successful experience in IT marketing (B2B, outsourcing/outstaffing companies in Europe and the USA), proven by concrete results: audience growth, conversion increase, etc.
— the level of command of written and spoken English is above average;
— Experience in creating and managing a successful marketing strategy;
— Possession of practical and theoretical knowledge of working with various marketing channels;
— Deep knowledge of content marketing, SEO, PPC, and SMM;
— Management experience: personnel selection, goal setting, monitoring, analysis of results, coordination of counterparties.


— Development and implementation of marketing strategies and campaigns to stimulate business growth;
— Creation and implementation of marketing plans;
— Analysis of market trends, target audience, and competitor activity;
— Launching and conducting PPC and similar campaigns;
— Development and implementation of a content strategy to increase the level of conversion;
— Content optimization for search engines;
— Management and optimization of marketing channels (such as email, search engines, webinars, and website);
— Monitoring and reporting on campaign performance indicators to ensure achievement of goals;
— Promotion of the company’s brand;
— Collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as sales and product development, to align marketing strategies with business goals;
— Marketing budget management, cost optimization, and reporting;
— Cooperation with partner programs (Amazon Web Service, Vertica, Tableau);
— Coordination of the work of the team and contractors.

Working with us, you get:

— First of all, it is a quick and high-quality professional development;
— Ability to work remotely or from abroad (requirement — individual entrepreneur of the 3rd group);
— All the necessary equipment and assistance in setting up a home office;
— 20 days of vacation, UA holidays;
— Medical insurance + unlimited sick leave (no need to provide a certificate, we work on trust);
— Maternity leave programs;
— Paid monthly leave after five years of work in the company;
— Payment for professional development courses (including optional English courses), books, participation in seminars, and conferences in the country and abroad;
— Reimbursement of expenses for sports training and psychological support;
— Lawyer, accountant, negotiator for both work and personal occasions, public speaking coach, designer at your disposal if you want to host or publicize an event, etc.
— The ability to keep your job and pay if you have to join the armed forces to protect our country;
— Ability to attend web summits, professional events and conferences;
— Corporate Friday Talks (knowledge-sharing sessions) and Meetups will allow you to get to know technologies outside of your core field and improve your communication skills.
This is truly inspiring!

Interview process:
1. Interview with a recruiter;
2. Interview with the sales and marketing department;
3. A final call with the head of sales and marketing to discuss the details of cooperation (if necessary).

Короткий опис (2-3 речення): We are seeking a Marketing Specialist to strengthen our team and join us in developing and implementing our marketing strategy (especially inbound).
Контактні дані (куди звертатись):
Ні (волонтерство)
Рівень / Досвід:
Без досвіду
Початківець (Junior)
Середній (Middle)
Старший (Senior)
Формат роботи:
По місцю / В офісі
Тип занятості:
Повна зайнятість
Часткова зайнятість
Проектна робота
Позмінна робота
Дата публікації: трав. 22, 2023

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