Data Engineer

Skills requirements:

• 2+ years of experience with Python;
• 1+ years of experience as a Data Engineer;
• Experience with Pandas;
• Experience with SQL DB / NoSQL (Redis, Mongo, Elasticsearch) / BigQuery;
• Familiarity with Amazon Web Services;
• Knowledge of data algorithms and data structures is a MUST;
• Working with high volume tables 10m+.

Optional skills (as a plus):

• Experience with Spark (pyspark);
• Experience with Airflow;
• Experience with Kafka;
• Experience in statistics;
• Knowledge of DS and Machine learning algorithms.

Key responsibilities:

• Create ETL pipelines and data management solutions (API, Integration logic);
• Different data processing algorithms;
• Involvement in creation of forecasting, recommendation, and classification models.

We offer:

• Great networking opportunities with international clients, challenging tasks;
• Building interesting projects from scratch using new technologies;
• Personal and professional development opportunities;
• Competitive salary fixed in USD;
• Paid vacation and sick leaves, medical insurance;
• Flexible work schedule;
• Friendly working environment with minimal hierarchy;
• Team building activities, corporate events.

Короткий опис (2-3 речення): We apply Data Science methods together with Web Development combined with experience in business automation, data management, infrastructure optimization and large-scale data analysis, advanced software development to improve organizational performance and add value to their customers and shareholders. We have more than 15 years of experience in business automation, large-scale data analysis and advanced software engineering.
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Старший (Senior)
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Дата публікації: лют. 6, 2023

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